In an effort to support a healthy, happy community, the City of Auburn is proud to present HEALTHY AUBURN MONTH, part of Auburn's 150th celebration! There are many components of health, including emotional, physical and mental health. The practices of good health include physical activity, healthy eating, social interaction and support from others.


Physical activity is one of the key components of practicing good health. Make physical activity a fun and rewarding part of your life: choose something that you enjoy, whether it is rock climbing or walking through your neighborhood. Be sure to add exercise into your daily life! It strengthens your body, and helps you look and feel better about yourself.


We all know that healthy eating can be a challenge, but a healthy diet includes a variety of foods from all the food groups in the right amounts for your sex, age, weight and other considerations such as whether you are pregnant or have a health condition such as diabetes. Create a plan for healthy eating that fits into your budget and lifestyle.


Support and encouragement from others helps improve your health. The Mayo Clinic says that friendships help increase your sense of belonging, boost your happiness and improve your self-worth. Friends can also help you stick with healthy behaviors like making good food choices and daily exercise. Friends also help you deal with stress, offering support when things are tough.


We all have stress at one time or another, from the small stuff to the big stuff. The ability to manage it is an important part of  good health. Do your best to cope with stress by: focusing on the positives; getting a massage; reading a book; playing with your pet; or exercising! Coping with stress in positive ways goes a long way toward a healthy lifestyle!


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Healthy Auburn Blog!

By Nicole Oberlander

Health & Wellness Director

YMCA of Auburn-Lewiston

WEEK 1: Healthy Living

Jonathan Torres, MD

Medical Director, St. Mary’s WorkMed


Rosanne Marquis, NP

Practicing Clinician, St. Mary’s WorkMed

WEEK 2: Lyme Disease

The Team at Maple Way Dental Care, Founding Sponsor of Auburn's 150th

WEEK 3: Healthy Smile

Weekly Recipe!

Walk the Wards!

WEEK 2: Mexican Street Corn!

Selected by our partners at

Healthy Androscoggin

WEEK 3: Veggie & Quinoa Stuffed Zucchini

Selected by our partners at

Healthy Androscoggin

Walking is among the very best exercise there is! Join City Councilors Holly Lasagna (Ward 1) and Alfreda Fournier (Ward 4) for a light stroll through their wards. Each walk is a mile or less, and the pace will be leisurely as we chat about the great things happening in Auburn!

Ward 4 Walk: Saturday, September 7 at 10:00AM

Meet Councilor Fournier at Great Falls Plaza, near the Hilton Garden Inn. The walk will follow Auburn's beautiful Riverwalk to Bonney Park and back.

Ward 1 Walk: Saturday, September 21 at 11:00AM

Meet Councilor Lasagna at the St. Mary's Auburn Campus parking lot (15 Gracelawn Road). The walk will meander through the neighborhood to Malibu Drive, then back Turner Street to the Norway Savings Bank Arena.

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